Friday, 11 March 2011


'Get crazy, get wild, let's party, get loud, if you wanna have fun then do something' *fist pumps*


AHHHHHH I am a Jersey Shore Stan to the fullest! I only started watching it after Season 1 had aired. My friend Ije had told me about it and I thought 'mmm lemme give it a try'. From the 1st episode I was HOOKED! I watch the whole on Season 1 that week.
For any guys who do not know about the Jersey Shore, its based on 4 girls and 4 guys living together by the Jersey Shore and all their escapades. The way ive explained it you would think its just regular program. AY watch it you'll be hooked to that programme like me.

The original cast members of the Jersey Shore are:

Snookie - Love this chic
Mike aka The Situation - Disliked him at firat but you gotta love him
Pauly D - *love eyes*
Vinny - Cool dude
JWOW - hotness
Angelina - Bitch
Sammie - .........
Ron - ..........

My fav cast members are Snookie and Pauly D by far but i generally love them all. I wont spoil it for anyone who hasn't watched it but if you are not on Season 3 yet........hurry up.

Thanks to Jersey Shore, Grenades, landmines, guido, guidettes, DTF are all part of my vocab/have different meanings to them than before.

Season 2 showed the Jersey Shore cast in Miami....good season but had one main focus to it. The fight scene was hilarious and overall it was pretty dead compared to the Season 1 and 3.

Season 3 ay.....from episode 1 there was full blown DRAMA. WATCH IT!

Anyway i think they are now showing the Jersey Shore season 3 on MTV so check it out. For all those who are new to the programme go on and watch Season 1-3.

Now, for all you Jersey Shore fanatics, watch the new episodes which are aired in the US on Thursday's on



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