Saturday, 26 March 2011


On thursday night, i was up doing my hair and merely flicking through the tv channels and ending up sticking to 4Play: Jamie Woon on Channel 4. Hadn't heard of him before but thought i'd give him a listen. Jamie Woon is a British singer/songwriter  and producer from New Malden. Before 4Play, I hadn't heard any of his music but he has been around for a while. His music reminds me of the mixture of soul/rnb and electronica. I really like his music, not something i would shaking a leg to but defo the type of music that can assist to a pleasant, chilled evening in (preferably with large glass of wine ;p).

Here are some of his video's:

His debut album 'MirrorWriting' will be in stores on 11th April but is available to pre-order on itunes NOW!

To check out some of his music, here is a link to his youtube channel:


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