Sunday, 6 March 2011


So I booked tickets for me and my mates to go the concert in November.The way I was EXCITED to see J Cole, don't think you understand! The buzz around this event was too much.

J Cole is a rapper from the US who signed to Jay Z's Roc Nation's label. He's released The Come Up (may I say that was a classic) > The Warm Up >  and most recent mixtape Friday Night Lights (i personally think that could have been his first album). Besides the fact that he's a sick rapper, he blooming sexy! *love eyes*

Anyway, so Sunday 9th January arrives. I fling on my varsity jacket, packed my SLR - Venus and pick up the chicas. We get to XOYO, WOWW, the queue was LONGGG. Luckily, I see Nelson in the queue and did one, two maneuvers and squeezed in with him. We decided to experiment with Venus and take some pictures to pass time.

Ije and Cat - My two fav girls

Me, Nels and Cat

So we were right at the front of the queue and after waiting for nearly an hour for doors to open, WERE IN. AHHH the excitement reached a next level. The way we did some crazy speed walking just to get a right at the front of the stage.

The music's pumping as we await J Cole and his supporting act Maxsta. Dj Semtex is on the decks spinning and mixing classic after classic. EVERYONE was dancing, singing, bubbling, get the gist.

'Buffalo Solider, Deadlock Rasta' - he nearly took my eye out with his dreads

 Maxsta comes on to perform. Before the concert, I had heard about this Maxsta dude but hadn't taken the time to proper listen to him. Overall, his performance was good, especially when I saw one kid who looked about 13 run out on stage to start performing with him. At the point, I was no longer interested in anything else but seeing J Cole. XOYO was RAMMMMM. I could not move plus there was one guy standing in front of me that was suffering from B.O. and bad breath. To make it worse he was singing along to EVERY tune and skanking also. My nostrils were quite disgusted at the stench.

J Cole prances out on stage. The whole place went WILDDDD. When I tell you I thought I was going to get crushed to death.

  One of the highlights for me was when he performed the first part of 'Lights Please' on the piano. Ahh we were all enjoying. At one point J Cole stood on stage in awe at the fans chanting his lyrics word for word. I think he was surprised that it was a sold out event and didn't expect people to even know his lyrics.

Here are some pictures of the man himself:

 'I Got A Dollar and A Dream'

 While performing the last song, J Cole jumps down and comes to greet fans at the front. Im sure i felt a bone crack.....(sly exagg) but one lanky dude and his mates nearly crushed me to death. By them pushing me so much I got to near enough to hold J Cole's finger....I nearly popped it off. LOOOL.

If you dont know about J Cole, download his mixtapes, and take some time to listen to this guy. There's an exciting buzz around him right now especially since he toured with Drake.

There's so much I can write about this event but I have work in the morning and i need my beauty sleep. I may upload video tomorrow.

'I got ammo and a lot of rounds coming, up in the streets where you not allowed, runnin', got the songs bitches ride around hummin' - J. Cole

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