Monday, 21 March 2011


ASOS FASHION FINDER - showcases fashion trends keeping you in the loop on the ever changing fashion trends and retailers. You can merely use it for its lookbook feature which posts celebs looks aswell as the street stylisha's. If your looking for a way to change up your look/style i suggest you have a look at this. You can also purchase items that you may like.

Here's some of the outfits i liked:

Love this look

Colour blocking at its finest!


LOOKBOOK - There for stylish people to post their outfits to inspire others. Another great way to adapt your look/outfit. If you wanna post an outfit, sign up!!!! Check out the forum for Art, Photography, Music.....the list goes this site <3

Here's some outfits i loved:

POLYVORE is another way you express your style. Find links to retailers selling exclusive pieces, gain style advice, you can also create your own lil moodboards for an outfit.

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