Monday, 21 March 2011


Been meaning to do this for agggggesss now! Here's my first blog shoutout!

Ive been following 2 Bitchez Deep blog for about a year now. These ladies ooze soo much style and never fail to keep their blog interesting and unique. I love their DIY feature which goes to show that you can do pretty much anything with a few penny's in your purse and a being a bit creative. Loved the diamond fill DIY feature.

If you aint got money for a refill ladies, why not fill them with diamonds. I personally, doubt I could get this on point without sticking my fingers together. loool But by all means give it a go! 

They also have a shop, where you can cop some of their creations. (Love their ear wing earrings).

Anyway check out their blog peeps :)


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