Tuesday, 8 March 2011


So one day I randomly came across Anhalya on Youtube. This woman blew me away. Anhalya is a singer/songwriter residing in the US. She using the guitar in most of her covers (which she taught herself to play). Most of her videos consist of her covering popular songs but there's always a slight twist to them that will. Most of them are acoustic covers also. It's talent like Anhalya that need to be up in the bright lights and deserve the recognition. Her voice is soo soulful and soothing.
One of my favourite is her cover of Usher - 'OMG' (amazing). Click the link below and have a listen:


She's recently covered Adele 'Rolling in the deep' - her cover is wicked. She also covered Nicki Minaj's - Save Me! Better than the original if you ask me.

Here's the link to her website:  http://www.anhayla.com/
                             Youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/user/anhaylarene#p/u/26/z6yAVLV8kBg


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