Friday, 11 March 2011


At 8.00am I was alerted to about the earthquake and subsequent tsunami which occurred in Japan today. I was quite disturbed by indivduals on twitter who showed no remorse for what was happening and even joked about it.

Over the past few years we natural disasters have become more and more frequent. However, we are only 3 months into 2011, and have seen more choas and tragedy than any other year. Riots to overthrow presidents/dictators in Tunisia, Eygpt and most recently Libya, Earthquakes in New Zealand and now Japan, Floods in Australia and Brazil and the list goes on. All of this has happened in 3 months. We are only a quarter into the 2011 and so much disaster has occured. Not to mention the earthquake in Haiti last year, Hurricane Katrina and the tsunami which devasted Indonesia a few years back. I am asking of you to pray for not only the people who have been affected by these tragedies but for everyone.

We do not know when we are going to leave this earth. Live life to the fullest and cherish those around you.


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