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12th January 2011:

So my friend Cat (aka @KittyAmorPDT << Follow her) showed me about The Foreign Exchange. Instantly, I became a fame. I am a real lover of all types of music and I was definitely surprised that I had not come across them before. Anyway, she told me that they were coming over to London to perform. Tickets got booked FAST. 

The Foreign Exchange is made up of Phonte (sweetest vocals ever) and Nicolay (this guy is too talented). The albums they have released so far are: Connected, Leave it all Behind, and their most recent Authencity released in 2010. The way I would describe their sound is a mix between Neo-Soul, HipHop, a tad bit of Electronia. Their music can easily described as that 'Feel good' music. You know what I mean.

So the day approaches, I finish work in London Bridge and head down to Cargo. Met one of my mates and order some grub and cocktails. If you ain't been Cargo before, please go and have a pizza there....sooo lovely. Slowly but surely everyone started to arrive. Saw Richard Blackwood bounce in and a couple of other familiar faces came in also. I bumped into Alex - member of White Elephant and Sacha who is also part of White Elephant (watch out for these talented lads). I hadn't seen these guys in ages so it was good to seeing them.

Alex (White Elephant) and friend

Friend with Sacha (White Elephant)
My sisters from another mother - Jennifer and DJ Kitty Amor
Beth, my sis Ije and Maria - lovely pic :)

We decided to head into the main room to get a good spot to stand, plus I had Venus with me (my SLR) and wanted to take some good snaps of the night. We got more drinks, bubbled away to the music, chatted and cracked jokes until The Foreign Exchange decided to perform. By 9pm the place was RAM. Everyone was enjoying! 

And then the Foreign Exchange stepped onto the stage to perform. The vibe was immense, people were doing 1 2 steps and getting down. The age group was a lot older than us youngin's, but when I say they could get down. Jeeze Louise. 

The performance was OUTSTANDING! I loved every minute of it. The highlight for me was when Phonte and Sy Smith decided to do a random freestyle. All I can remember was something like "Chris Brown that B****" loool. The way they performed 'DayKeeper' *heartfelt*. Sy Smith - This girl can sing LAWD HAVE MERCY. Im sure Sy Smith fancied one guy in the audience, she was singing to him at one point then at the end she took of her tee and flung it at him. At that point, I saw so many guys break a sweat loool. 

Here are some pics from the performance:
The crowd enjoying
AB, Sy Smith and Phonte

Nicolay on keys

Sy Smith

I left that concert feeling so refreshed and full of positive energy ^_^. 

My friend told me that I'm on the tour video. Lool yep for a glimpse only but still.

If you would like to see the video of the concert click >>> May I say it's beautifully edited.

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The Foreign Exchange members - @Phontigallo and @Nicolaymusic
White Elephant members - @AlexandPetrelli and @MisterG3 

DJ Kitty Amor - @KittyAmorPDT - Get your bookings in asap...this girl can spin tunes wicked and im not even being bias. Download her mix cds and see for yourself.

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