Wednesday, 30 March 2011


Yeah so i saw bare people hyping about this on twitter so I fort *sigh* lemme give in and watch it! Here goes:

So English Frank is basically saying wearing brands such as Gucci, Nike etc shouldn't define who you are and don't get 'gassed' over wearing a gucci scarf inna rave. Can't lie guys that wear that should in raves really grind my gears. You come there to rave not to stand up with a scarf on your head looking like a utter wolly. Anyway, I get what English Frank is trying to say but mmm burning the trainers and stuff is a bit over bored aint it. There's nothing wrong with wearing designer clothes but don't kill yourself for it. A Gucci belt is so played out. I wanna see more guys moving away from that 'typical' guyman look. Its beyond played out. But at the same time, I don't give a flying monkeys, each to their own, do what you want. Just know more time you look quite silly! :)

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