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Earlier last month I did a post alerting you guys that Rick Ross was going to perform in London again. I said that wasn't going to go........well in the end I ended up rolling with my cousins to the event. After the last concert in November 10', I thought 'hey why not', plus seen as he's brought out some new stuff I thought it would be good to see him perform it.

Didn't really think a lot of people were going.......I was wrong. On twitter, it seemed like my whole TL was rolling which added to gassing me up about the night. As usual, the weather decided to say 'fuck up' and chucked it down with rain en route to the HMV Forum in Kentish Town. As we drove past the venue, we saw the queue.....ErMMMM why was it NOT moving and going round and round. Not only that, I had never been to the HMV Forum before and was surprised to see it look a bit CRUDDY. We finally found parking and made our way to the queue. Luckily, anyone who had tickets lined up separate to those collecting tickets and in the end we got in fairly quick. 

Inside now, we go and get some seats (seated tickets were not allocated to specific seats except for the booth). We got inside at like 20.30, no seats left, and any seats that we were able to squeeze into would made it all a bit uncomfortable, so we ending up standing. That really did defeat the purpose of getting seated tickets. I didn't mind too much because there was room to move upstairs and I knew I would be up shaking a leg as soon as acts performed.

Play Ents were djying....they were good but tbh looking back at the November concert, Tim Westwood tore the place down. Anyway, I got there just in time to see Sneakbo. Now don't get me wrong, Sneakbo is good and he's making moves at such a young age BUT when your performing and you regard yourself as an artist I do expect you to deliver. Half way through the song, Sneakbo comes out and he did do really well. Once he completed the songs, ermmm he bopped off stage O_o maybe im being picky but every artist ive seen always thanks their fans. Let's be real people were mainly going there to watch Rick Ross perform but a lot of people there are Sneakbo fans too.....Sneakbo show some appreciation, not a big deal just common courtesy. Rumour has is Sneakbo is signed to Maybach Music....I need to get this confirmed though.

I dunno what happened after, but all I felt was wave of energy and I knew Rick Ross was coming on (no exagging). BOOOM, Rick Ross comes on stage. Y is this guy such a BOSSS! You may say its cos he's fat but the guy knows how to own the stage! Estelle also popped up on stage to perform her new single 'Break my heart' with Rick Ross. Nice surprise. Upmost respect to Estelle, always like her from '1980'. Another UK artist doing well in the US.

Anyway here's one of my videos from the event:

(Excuse the shaking camera movements :s)

All in all, November concert was better in regards to the vibe, but ended quicker. However, this one was good cos we got to hear more of Rick Ross but the venue was shit. I think Hammersmith Apollo were not on holding another Rick Ross concert due to the beef that happened last time. There's rumours going round that Rick Ross got his chain popped. I really don't think it's true tbh. There's pics of the chains going around but I wanna see/hear more evidence.

Ain't life a BITCH, But you gotta keep her wet - Rick Ross


P.S. I will upload more videos tomorrow, blogger is shegging......i really should have stuck with tumblr.

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