Thursday, 30 June 2011


Ahhhh sooo '4' is finally out!! I can't lie I downloaded the album a few weeks ago and I must admit at first I thought 'ermmmmm Beyonce like what is this'. I only really like a few songs but I thought let me just keep listening to it and after a while I fell in love with it.

'4' isn't like any of the other albums, infact their all different. But with '4' it's almost as though Beyonce music has grown. It's more of a maturer sounds, she's still got that feistyness that we got in 'Bday' and the 'I am Sasha Fierce' album. 

My fav song: 

1+1 - Intimate and beautifully sung ballad, by Queen B. She executes every note on this song. We get to hear her vocal range and just how powerful her voice is!! Its one of those songs you'd sing to someone you truly love. The lyrics are too beautiful.

'I don't care' -  Another powerful ballad. Bee proper goes for it. Got a rock feel to it in some parts.

'I miss you' - Kinda feel like she's singing for Jay Z in this song. Quite an emotional song but I love the beat.

'Party' - The song features Andre 3000 and was produced by Kanye 'Sexy' West! Love this song soo much. IT's got that 80s vibe to it. Defo gonna be rinsing it.

'Run the World (Girls)' - Didn't like it at first but its defo my anthem for the summer!! Love it. Just makes you wanna shake your tush!!

'End of Time' - This will probably be released!! Absolutely L O V E this track!! Im sure I play it at least 5-10 times a day. It's another one which makes you wanna shake ur tush too.

'Countdown' - Beyonce brings out the gangster twang in this song. It's one of those upbeat joints that you would hear on 'Bday' or 'I Am Sasha Fierce'. Can't wait to see her perform this track.

So yh out of the 12 songs on the album im in love with 7 so far!! That may change though.

Can't wait for here London concerts!!!

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