Thursday, 2 June 2011


Im obsessed  with my nails, and between my appointments to the nail salon its always important for me to paint my nails (the chipping stage is not cute ladies). I went through my stage of getting Rimmel nail varnish, which is okay but no way the best when it comes to the choices of colours. Then it was Barry M. I swear there was 1 point where i had every colour. I soon realised that Barry M nail polish is SHITTTTT! Yes, it is! Good choice of colours, but chips easily, takes ages to dry and you HAVE to always put a top coat of clear nail polish on.

BUT recently Topshop started selling make up and although I would never go for their blushers etc their nail polish is 5 star. The array of colours they have is FANTASTIC and they relatively cheap. £5 a pop! I love OPI nail polish but Topshop does the same job. Trust me. I'm slowly but surely building up my Topshop nail polish collection and loving it. 

These are my fav colours so far:

Go on the Topshop online store and order your favourite colour.....NOW.

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