Wednesday, 8 June 2011


Just thought i'd do a quick simple colour block outfit. All of the items are from Topshop so if you like, get ordering.

Top £28

Maxi skirt w/ splits at the side = £35

Ring £14 

Ring £12.50

Bracelet £18


TBH, dont get the jewellery from Topshop except for the bracelet. Go to a vintage shop or your local charity shop and get it cheap as chips ^_^

Ive bought the skirt and top and will be rocking this when i go out with my family this weekend. 

Try rocking a purple headwarp with this outfit! I think it will look like. 

Another tip, when you rock bracelets, do a mix a match of bangles and rock it on one don't wanna end up looking like Mr T. Make sure you go at least 2/3 rings on, mixture of large and small on aswell.

DISCLAIMER: I am not telling what to wear, just merely showing you an outfit I feel will look nice. Try it out. 

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