Wednesday, 13 April 2011


1) Remember my post about Jhene Aiko 'Sailing Souls' mixtape!!! Well you guys know I <3 it!! I play it all the time now! At the moment, 'Stranger' is CONSTANTLY on repeat! The beat and Jhene smooth and sassy vocals together make this track BONKERS!

2) Erykah Badu 'Otherside of the Game' - PFFTTT! Remember this tune on the 'Baduizm' album! Friggin fantastic! The other day I brought out the album - QUALITY. I remember when this first came out and my mum would bang out the tape (Yes tape). Aww the days of tapes and no CDs lool great times they were but what a nightmare when they decided to chew up! 
Anyway, let me shullup about the old skl days and tapes. Me thinks I may need to take myself down to the Brixton Academy in July to see her you know.

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