Saturday, 2 April 2011


So yesterday was the 2nd day of Dwele's UK tour! I missed him the last time he was over here and was adamant on getting my tickets asap. Missing out again would have been much! Anyway so 1-4-11 arrives!!! Me, my mate cat and her sis Jen, made our way to the Jazz Cafe. We stopped off at McD's - loool @ Cat getting shouted at by one Mcd's worker!!

Anyway got to The Jazz Cafe in Camden and we were greeted by some mean hench off polish bouncers. After questioning whether my ID was mine, we got in. Took some pics to past time and i also bumped into my friend John and also saw Sexy Yas aswell.

loving the outfit!

 Anyway, after about an hour of waiting, Dwele comes on to perform. My gosh did he look suave *love eyes*. Dwele's vocals seduced my ears, arrgghh i love this guy! He also paid tribute to the late Nate Dogg (RIP). I will upload the video of this in due course.

The highlight of the night for me was the guy on the keyboard! I will nickname him 'Rasta' for obvious reasons. When Rasta did his solo piece, he went INNNNNNNNNNNN! Dreads flying all over the gaff, he even went so crazy that his glasses fell off. The way he was going on you would of thought it was his concert! -_- Either way, you could tell he had a passion for music, well either that or he was on suttin!

Not a great pic but this is when the glasses went flying. Even Dwele's getting in a sneaky laugh
 Another highlight was at the end, Dwele was singing in the crowd. This girl next to me was talking throughout the concert about how sexy he is etc and as soon as he hopped down from the stage, she goes 'im getting in there'. Please believe this chick pushed her way through the crowd towards him and starts whining up on Dwele! Bravery!

Overall, I enjoyed the concert but an hour was not enough. I wish he done some of his older stuff as well. But if your in love with his latest album 'Wants. Women. World' then you'll thoroughly enjoy the concert!

He's added more dates for his UK tour so it's not too late to get tickets!


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