Monday, 4 April 2011


My mate Kitz (@KittyAmorPDT - follow her) is part of the entertainment group PDT who are well known for their raves especially in the uni scene! They held a rave in Pandora's Box, Nottingham on 24th March and seen as Ive just started photography, Kitz asked me to come up and do some for her event. So went work, then dashed up to Notts via National Express (the family that were on my coach would not let me live, soooo LOUD). Anyway, so I stopped off at Maryland *love eyes* (best chicken and chip shop) and made my way to Kitz' house.

Anyway got to the venue, and gradually the beautiful people of Nottingham started pouring in. The rave was RAMMMMMMMM before I knew it.

Kitz getting kicked out the club

Now this was my first time doing event photography so I was being bare polite asking people if they wanted a picture. Ive defo learnt NEVER ask, just take it! Aim the camera and snap! So yeah, the music was popping offf! Tune after tune!! Loved Dj Rudes' set, proper took me back to the good ol days. 

The highlight for me were a small group of freshies in the rave! These guys gave me joke. As soon as afrobeats came one of them starts dancing, posing for me to take pics of him loooool. 

Overall, I met a lot of really nice people and I will be going back to Notts when they have their end of term stuff! First hit Kingston and then Notts! That week is going to be crazzzzyyy! 

Lastly, big up to the PDT Team! Thanks for blessing me with a great opportunity! 


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